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There are so many stories behind the mystery and mystique of Caviar, one of the most popular says that the word “Caviar” is derived from “Kahv-Jar,” which means “the cake of pleasure” among Iranian people known as the Khedive. Another legend claims that the word “Caviar” has developed from the Persian “Khag-viar, “which means a “small, black fish egg.” And yet believe it or not before Caviar was ever regarded to be a delicacy, it was considered a poor man’s food and was indeed the basic food of fishermen on the Caspian Sea and on the Volga!


  • Caviar is very healthy: high on Omega 3, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin A,B,C and D

  • 15 grams of Caviar contain only 40 Calories

  • over 70% of the total wild Sturgeon population has been killed. Therfore NEVER buy or eat wild Caviar

  • there is a lot of misleading Caviar in the market.     Only buy Caviar which has a CITES Code on the packaging. This is the only way to ensure that you buy legal Caviar and that you are really getting the product you are paying for.


Caviar Club

Caviar Club has scouted the Caviar suppliers all over the world for more then 1 year till we decided to work with Calvisius Caviar. It is very important to us not to only have Caviar of the best Quality, moreover we wanted a sustainable Product. Calvisius has achieved the "Friends of the Sea" Certification for their caviar. The philosophy is to breed fish of highest quality while offereing them as close as posible natural conditions. The ponds have natural gravel bottoms and the fish are fed by bio fish food only. Hormones and Medication will not be added at any stage.


High Tech equipment (every fish is microchipped) as well as an expert team of scientists ensure the constant well being of every fish on the farm. On top Calvisius is working on a program to release endagered species back to the wild.  400 years ago these beautiful sturgeons were roaming italian waters, Calvisius aims to make this happen again.

Only at Caviar Club you can get 6 different types of real Caviar in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Besides the well known Sevruga, Oscietra and of course Beluga we also offer Naccari, Siberian and Transmontanus Caviar. Each Caviar having its own distinctive flavor and is prepared by Caviar Master´s in a true Malosol Technique

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