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White Sturgeon (Acipenser Transmontanus)

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    Caviar Tradition comes from the White Sturgeon, which is located in the North American Pacific Coast, from Alaska to Baja California. It is one of the longest living sturgeons, which sometimes lives for up to a hundred years, weighs over 1,700 pounds (800kg) and measures up to 19 feet (6 m). In addition to being a source of lean meat with a high protein content, its greatest value is still related to the extraordinary production of large eggs larger than 3 millimeters, with dark gray to black coloration. The taste of this caviar is particularly delicate and refined. It requires about 11 years of sturgeon life. Ideal for all consumers.

  • Storage


    Shelf life up to 3 months at temperatures from 0 ° C to 4 ° C. After opening, use within 3 days.




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